High Quality Free Range and Organic

I am passionate about high quality produce and always out and about getting excited about new discoveries. For example I observe with interest that some New Zealand wineries start growing the most popular Austrian grape, Gruener Veltiner. It produces a very versatile dry wine that pairs with most foods and has a distinct peppery note. Since the climate in the South Island is quite similar to some Austrian wine regions this is a perfect example for the Austrian-New Zealand linkage and I hope there is much more to come.

Organic and free range food plays a big part in my cooking as I believe it is not only healthier and tastier but also shows respect towards animals and fosters a way of life in tune with nature. It is better to eat high quality products such as free range chicken and pork on a less regular basis than eating mass production food every day. Wherever I can I use organic, free range products from milk, cheese and eggs to meat, vegetables and fruit. I am lucky to grow some vegetables and herbs in my green house in my garden. It is great to see initiatives for community gardens and even vegie patches at schools to show the children how much fun it is to grow and cook your own produce.