Pre Dinner Drinks

Tom Collins
Tom Collins

4 cl Fresh lemon juice
2 cl Simple syrup (one part water, one part sugar)
8 cl Gin
Club soday

Other members of the Collins family:
Pierre Collins: Cognac
Mike Collins: Whiskey
Joe Collins: Vodka
Juan Collins: Tequila
Pedro Collins: Bacardi
Jack Collins: Calvados

Tom Collins

4 cl red Vermouth
4 cl Campari
4 cl Gin


6 cl Vodka
2 cl Cointreau
1 cl Cranberry Juice
2 cl Lime Juice


Fruit Brandy

Fruit brandy is a 100% pure and unfiltered distillate produced from the finest fruit, naturally fermented, distilled twice, aged and stored for several years. Rochelt guarantees that all their spirits are made from pure fruit from fermentation through the transformation of natural sugars to alcohol.

Varieties of Brandy
Enjoyment of Brandy

The perfect brandy glass is tulip-shaped, slightly opening at the top. After a fine meal the brandy is enjoyed sip by sip with great attention (rather than sipped all at once as often observed for lesser quality brandies). Our fruit brandy is highly regarded for its comforting and soothing effects.

Nine out of ten brandies on the market are nothing more than industrial spirits, which are artificially flavored, sweetened and diluted with water as much as possible. These spirits exhibit thin aromas and dissipate on the palate quickly. Connoisseurs quickly notice these shortfalls with the first scent, only to be confirmed by one taste. Our brandy is strong and full – the palate benefits from a truly amazing concentration of finest fruit flavors with a long finish.

Many say high proof brandies “pickle.“ This is only the case for poorly made brandies. A poorly developed mash results in a harsh and edgy end product. Fine brandy does not “pickle,” rather it bursts with the finest fruit flavors and is crystal clear.

Summer Drinks


10 fresh mint leaves
1/2 lime, cut into 4 wedges
2 tablespoons caster sugar
1 cup ice cubes
4 cl white rum
125ml soda water

Place mint leaves and 1 lime wedge into a glass. Use a muddler to crush the mint and lime to release the mint oils and lime juice. Add 2 more lime wedges and the sugar, and muddle again to release the lime juice. Do not strain the mixture.

Fill the glass almost to the top with ice. Pour the rum over the ice and fill the glass with soda water. Garnish with the remaining lime wedge.

Seabreeze Cooler

6 cl Vodka
2 cl Simple syrup (one part water, one part sugar)
2 cl Lemon Juice
8 cl Grapefruite Juice
4 cl Cranberry Juice
1/8 Lime

White Sangria

1 sour apple sliced
1 lemon sliced
1 orange sliced
1 bottle medium dry white wine
20 cl brandy

chill and before serving add
1/2 ltr lemonade (e.g. Lift)
1 bottle sparkling wine