Galbraith's Alehouse & Brewery

The 1912 former Grafton Library is now home to Galbraith's Alehouse and Brewery. It opened its doors in 1995 and since then has a dedicated following of regulars. The varied clientele is made up of blue and white-collar workers who appreciate the relaxed environment.

In their opinion the brewing giants have dumbed down beer by giving it mass-appeal but stealing the flavour, making it taste the same regardless where in the world it it brewed.

Galbraith's Alehouse wants to bring back flavour to beer and re-introduce the Old-World beer styles that haven't been seen in NZ for decades.

Munich Lager

Batch brewed in the time-honoured fashion using the finest Moravian malt and noble German hops. Extended lagering ensured a soft, malty beer with a fine aroma and balancing bitter finish. This beer is served non-pasteurised on draught and is also available in 330ml bottles and 4 packs.

Bohemian Pilsner

Instead of the insipid generic lager styles which are available nearly everywhere you look they wanted a beer with flavour that could be tasted after serveral glasses. Floor-malted Moravian lager malt along with Czech Saaz and German Hallertau hops produce a fresh-tasting, aromatic lager that is full bodied for the style, malty and refreshing.


Made from the style produced by Trappist monks in the Abbeys of Belgium, Resurrection has complexities not unlike wine. Deep copper-red in colour with a light white head. The nose has distinct bubblegum, spice and herbal characters giving it a Gewürztraminer wine-like note. The palate is complex and rich, but balanced with a cleansing bitterness. Dring with care it has 8.7% Alc.


Beer breweries big and small are all touting purity and natural ingredients these days. It’s brilliant. But it should be a given with craft beer. After the mash has settled what we all really want is a good liquid mood enhancer – full of aromas, enlivening flavours and great hop character. Hallertau makes beer with their hands and uses only yeast, rainwater, and fistfuls of hops. It’s all about subtle differences in varieties and combinations.

Hallertau Luxe – Number 1 Beer – 4.5%

Some say she’s the luxe life. Exhuberant. Snappy. Bright. Chatty. Sunlit. Lush. Passionfruit. Blueberries. Sparkling. Refined. Considered. Dry. And frankly, refreshing.

Hallertau Statesman – Number 2 Pale Ale – 5.3%

Yowza! This character’s outspoken. Bursting with opinions. Arrives with a floral bouquet. Hoots. Honks. Hops.Charismatic. Honey. Bombastic. Citrus. Distinguished. Tang. Then closes the deal guaranteeing your thirst thoroughly quenched.

Hallertau Copper Tart – Number 3 Red Ale – 4.2%

This’d surely be a miner’s delight. Substantial. Satisfying. Deserved. Malt. Forged. Caramel. Bitter. Chocolate. Rich. Worthwhile. Smooth and dry, earner of a knowing smile.

Hallertau Deception – Number 4 Schwarzbier – 5.1%

This number is not what he seems. A bit of a trickster really. Smooth. Firm. Dark. Light. Bitter. Sweet. Coffee. Intricate. Chocolate. Subterfuge. You’ve been warned.

Sawmill Brewery

Sawmill Pilsner 500ml

"A moreish lager with crisp dry fruity flavours and a mild bitterness. A visceral pleasure - no need for book smarts."

A traditional Bavarian lager using Pilsner malt and European hop varieties. Golden in colour, with a creamy head, round fruity flavours, lasting hop aroma and mild bitterness. Alc 4.5%


Kerisac Cidre Brut

Bronze Medal at the recent Concours General Agricole de Paris. Using only locally grown apples, the cidrerie produces a delicate, crisp cider with refreshing acidity.